The 3 Steps you must take to become a Market Leader


At the Change Makers we use Science to Grow Your Market Share

By gaining meaningful insights we design your simple, effective roadmap for sustainable growth.

We've worked with corporates, startups, non-profits (with scarce resources and budgets) and multi-billion dollar international conglomerates.

Governed by Neuroscience, Behavioural Psychology and Marketing Science for best business outcomes, our Business Science System will help you understand your market, attract attention, increase engagement and drive conversion.

Lauren Kress, CEO

The Business Scientist

Lauren Kress is one of the few theoretically-trained scientists and growth innovators of the millennial generation whose knowledge of science-led growth is transforming marketing in the business world.

Lauren is a Media & Marketing Ex-Pat with Agency, Publishing, Marketing and Project Management Experience spanning the first decade of her career

Her Book "The Business Scientist: Learn the Best Kept Secrets to Business Success" is scheduled for publication in mid-2019

Lauren believes that business and enterprise are the most practical means by which we enable humanity to not just survive but thrive now and into the future.

Lauren is not a shy lady. She has spoken in the media - both nationally and internationally - and in front of live audiences about the importance of science for customer-centric business design and preparing for the future of work. 

As a scientist, Lauren is committed to understanding the true nature of how the business world is changing in the fourth industrial revolution. This is the inspiration for her podcast show "The Oyster with Lauren Kress" where she speaks with industry leaders, educators, marketing experts and successful business founders to share the science behind better business.

Lauren is not in business to make a quick buck - and she founded The Change Makers Collective to build a movement that helps businesses to grow sustainably for the benefit of their staff, their cause and their customers. 


Bachelor of Science with Honours Neuroscience, Physiology, Psychology

Honours research completed at the Translational Neuroscience Facility at UNSW under the supervision of Professor Gary Housley and Dr Ann Wong

Masters, Cross-disciplinary Art and Design Creative Thinking, Interactive Media and Advertising in the Global Marketplace

What is Business Science?

Business Science is the methodical means by which we establish best practice for business growth and success. 
What does business have to do with Science?

Well, everything!

Science is the means by which acquire knowledge about ourselves and the world around us.. It provides us with the frameworks, methodology and tools to use the wealth of information we have at our disposal to our best advantage.

In an age of information overload, having the ability to sift through, gather and process data and transform it into insight is the most valuable skill we must learn if we are to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution.

By understanding what drives and motivates your customers, we'll help you grow your business.

Packages & Pricing

Whether your budget is $500, $5,000 or $50,000 we have a range of programs and packages to suit your needs so you can be prepared for the future (that's already here...!)

If you'd like to find out more and discuss our package and pricing options, we provide an initial business science breakthrough session to assess your current situation and provide guidance on the appropriate options and steps we can take together in order to achieve your short and long term goals.

Schedule your Business Science Breakthrough Session using the button below.

Our Clients include...

We work with businesses and non-profits across health, travel, lifestyle, finance and professional services


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