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Data Trust by Design with Nathan Kinch

In this fascinating episode of #theoyster Lauren catches up with CEO of Greater than X Nathan Kinch who shares his vision of true customer-centric design and how organisations can become worthy of their customers' trust.

Nathan Kinch, is the inventor of Data Trust by Design. For more information about Nathan and the work he does head to: https://www.greaterthanexperience.desig…

Nathan also mentions a number of resources to explore this topic in more detail - if you'd like to find out more - here's where you can go: Data Trust by Design, 2019: A practical playbook introducing the principles, practices and patterns of Data Trust by Design. It's supported with real life, global case studies. Enter GREATERTHANTRUST to get it free: https://www.greaterthanexperience.des...

Rebuilding Trust in Financial Services, 2019: With trust at an all time low, particularly in Financial services, the industry is being forced to rethink how it is structured, how it treats its customers and how it creates value. This playbook covers practical approaches to support organisations in becoming truly worthy of people's trust.


A day in the life of data: This is an overview of the research we supported the CPRC in conducting. It dives deep into the current state of the information economy.

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