Module 1, Lesson 4 "Their Problem" is about understanding the market need for the problem you will solve in your business.

I often use this technique in bigger companies who have lost sight of their customer and the customer's problem and have become to "self-absorbed" in their own reality.

The fact of the matter is that if your business doesn't understand what a market needs - it doesn't solve a problem that needs to be's not really creating value. And if it can't communicate how it solves that problem, then the marketing and sales won't be very effective.

This lesson is the groundwork for every aspect of your business - the sooner you can understand this concept, the sooner your business will be able to attract customers who need your help.

Additional Resources and Links:

DOWNLOAD: Understanding their problem - Worksheet

More information about the person-centred approach to problem-solving:

The person-centred approach to problem solving is classically used in healthcare alongside methods including motivational interviewing.

When it comes to business and looking at how we solve a problem, coming from it with this perspective enables us to help clients with difficult and profound change. 

If you're interested in finding out more, here are a couple of useful links to give you some further background to these concepts:

Activity 1.4

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