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Less than 10% of companies' business models are economically viable as the world digitises?1

1. World Economic Forum, January 2019

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Why You Need to Stop Doing What Worked Before if You Want to Thrive in Industry 4.0

Here's the thing about business.

We ALL want to grow our bottom dollar.

Whether you're a for-profit business, a non-profit or social enterprise, more money means greater job security, bigger marketing budgets and more opportunities to invest in your growth and name a few.

But when we get money, we rarely make the best decisions with how to use it effectively.


Because our brain is a brilliant, lazy, pattern-recognition machine.

It likes to conserve energy and would prefer to use our fast "auto-pilot" thinking mode than to switch into it's rational and critical thinking mode which is painstakingly slow in comparison (but yields powerful results!)

The problem is - our lazy brain is subject to all sorts of unconscious biases, assumptions and blindspots that can cost an organisation thousands, millions - or even billions of dollars.

At The Change Makers Collective, we believe that planning and prioritising takes precedence over "just getting it done" and that every business, no matter what the size, has the power to make a positive contribution to the world.

Our proven methodologies have resulted in some incredible results for our clients like increasing total yearly profits for a healthcare provider by 10% in one week (without cutting costs OR an advertising budget!) 

...Tripling customer acquisition for a microbusiness in 3 months

...Dramatically overtaking a key competitor

...Streamlining volunteer applications

...Developing an entirely new revenue stream within a traditional business

And even better?

The cost was minimal and the growth was profound.

The secret was less about looking for an external solution and more about focusing on discovering business blindspots. By starting with a deep analysis of your business, we help you leverage existing knowledge, assets and resources using out-of-the-box thinking for your innovation and growth.

And the best news?

Our clients' continue to grow their bottom dollar - just from spending the time to make better decisions.

Our strategy involves 3 core scientific principles that will help you move forward.

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