Working with The Change Makers Collective

There are loads... (and loads...) of growth consultants, brand agencies and marketing strategists out there, so why choose us?

The Change Makers Collective exists to help brands who want to make a difference in the world.

We care less about the size of your budget and more about the size of your heart.

We work with both for-profit or non-profit brands, taking on a select number of projects per month.

We don't want to be a big, clunky marketing agency, instead we are lean, nimble growth hackers who love a challenge.

Some of our favourite questions are:

How can we grow brand awareness without an advertising budget?

What should we do to make the most of the content we already have?

How will we make a meaningful and lasting impression?

How do we setup our marketing S.O.Ps?

By helping clients turn challenges into opportunity we've seen all sorts of exciting things happen. Like:

Elimination of the main competitor in several product categories

Prevention of meaningless budget spend on a groundless strategy

A significant increase to annual bottom-line and top-line with less marketing activities

An optimised conversion rate for an increase in sales

To make sure we're the right fit for your business needs, we've carefully designed a series of questions to gain a deeper understanding of your current situation, your desired outcomes and your business mindset.

We work closely and collaboratively with you, focusing on driving the results that are going to have the biggest impact for you in the short-term.

BUT... we also make sure your business as usual activities are setup correctly so that what you do each and everyday is aligned with the overall vision for your business.

Our advice is grounded in brand and marketing science and we use the scientific method to continuously evaluate and improve your business performance.

As a small team we treat your business as if it were our own and we have no interest in selling you something that isn't going to work for where you're at or what you want out of your business.

This isn't a selfless act. We recognise that for our own sustainability we need to ensure that the first step we take with you is going to secure you as a client for life.

If you're currently looking to collaborate with a business that is in it for the long-haul, please click the button below.

This will take you through to our application form which we ask you to complete to the best of your knowledge and then schedule a time to speak with Lauren Kress 1-on-1 about your business needs.

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