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What C-Suite Execs Need to Know about the Brain to Cope with Rapid Change

blog, slider | 6 Jan 2019 |

Leadership requires a deep understanding of the self and what it is to be human. Whether you believe we are in the third or fourth industrial revolution there is no denying that the ways in which technology is now enabling us to interact with one another is unprecedented. As a result, C-suite executives are required to cope with the exponential rate of change and flux that these interactions bring about. This means continual improvement, constant innovation and the ability to understand and predict what will change (and what won't) has already become business as usual for the companies that are thriving.


But I need more clients - NOW!

blog, slider | 18 Nov 2018 |

To understand where the opportunities for business growth are, we have to look at the bigger picture...


Market Penetration: 7 things you need to know

blog, slider | 16 Apr 2018 |

This week we're talking about market penetration - how to make sure your brand is getting out there, getting noticed and being remembered by your potential customers. 


Human Drivers

Blog, Slider | 2 Apr 2018 |

Tonight, we're talking about human motivations and drivers so you can start thinking about how to tell the story of your business to your prospective customers.


Vision, Mission and Values

Blog, Slider | 5 Feb 2018 |

This week we're talking about building out the very foundation of your business by starting with the end in mind .

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